How We Secure Both Physical and Online Documents in the Scanning Process

Your documents contain confidential information. This is why Infobuilder ensures the security of your documents every step of the way. Our people have passed the integrity assessments and background checks, they have the proper training, and our management ensures adherence to security …

The True Cost of Document Scanning

Contrary to common belief that scanning is an easy task and that it would take minimal effort and cost, it requires multiple steps and components. In reality, it involves more than feeding documents in a scanner. Each project requires a detailed analysis to provide you with a price estimate. To be able to come up with an accurate ….

The benefits of ECM in a data-driven world

Increasing productivity and efficiency is the battle cry of every organization in 2021, especially when it comes to manual processes, managing data, and, ultimately, improving profitability. This challenge can cause problems that inhibit optimal efficiency in a variety of ways. With a strategic ECM solution, however, ….

Document Management: Beware the Legal Details


There is no doubt that one of your company’s valuable assets is your costumer’s data which often contains confidential and valuable information. While electronically stored information…..


A secured document management system like Infobuilder’s Documentum Retention Policy Services could save you hours, days, and even months of time. First and foremost, it can…..

What Happens to your Business When A Crisis Becomes The New Normal

The full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still unfolding, but it’s already clear that the outbreak will spark major changes to every industry. The “new normal” seems to be the term given to whatever world we will emerge into once the coronavirus crisis passes. In fact, even the secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry, Ramon M. Lopez explained the protocols for “the new normal in business operations.”…..

Are You Ready to Restart Your Business?

Restarting Your Business When A Crisis Becomes The New Normal

Are Your Documents Secure? Data Privacy Act

Have you been collecting forms and documents from your clients and customers as a requirement for onboarding, application, claims, permits, licenses, etc.? How do you ensure that all of your data are protected and in compliance with the Data Privacy Act? Not only is there a chance that you may be leaving your documents susceptible to threats, but you may unknowingly be violating the rules as well. Don’t make the same mistake that multiple companies had.

Are Your Documents Secure?

Protect your data, protect your business

Are You Compliant?

Enable faster, easier customer onboarding and compliance

Are You Ready for Digitization?

Digitize your processes, transform your business

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