The benefits of ECM in a data-driven world

Posted on February 19, 2021

Increasing productivity and efficiency is the battle cry of every organization in 2021, especially when it comes to manual processes, managing data, and, ultimately, improving profitability. This challenge can cause problems that inhibit optimal efficiency in a variety of ways. With a strategic ECM solution, however, your organization will uncover benefits that will conserve precious resources and streamline your organization’s operations.

Manage your digital assets effectively with ECM

ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management, a holistic approach to information management that uses sharing, utilization, and management of all information across departments within an organization. It’s designed for complete content life cycle management.

A strategy for maximizing how you use your content, it extends the concept of content management by creating timelines for each content item and using processes to create, approve, and distribute them. ECM content includes things like documents, graphics, emails, and videos.

Make all of your data simple and accessible

OpenText™ Documentum™ provides a broad set of capabilities that manage content across file stores, enterprise applications, such as SAP, and collaborative tools, including Microsoft®

SharePoint®. Its extensibility makes custom integrations simple. With Documentum, organizations ensure information is organized, preserved, and easily accessible while adhering to privacy and security protocols. As a silver partner of OpenText, Infobuilder helps organizations assess their requirements and offer implementation services using Documentum solutions.

Transform your business processes 

If you want to improve operations and remain at the forefront of business technology, then it might be a good idea to consider implementing OpenText™ Documentum™. But how does it work? To help, here are four key components and benefits that businesses of all kinds can realize when they choose Documentum™.


Enhances productivity with comprehensive collaboration

Documentum provides integrated support for the entire lifecycle of a wide range of content. It goes beyond typical office documents to include CAD files, design templates, rich media, audio, video, instant messaging threads, blog posts, images, and more.


Reduces risk with a unified and scalable repository

Content must be stored in a way that maximizes IT resources without placing limits on accessibility. This requires a unified repository capable of meeting future enterprise requirements while still enforcing governance policies, regardless of location—corporate, branch office, or in the cloud. Documentum’s unified repository ensures this by eliminating data silos and automating the categorization and intelligent tagging of information to speed search and retrieval.


Makes IT more agile with automated, fast deployment

Gone are the days when ECM initiatives involved deployment and training that was measured in months or even years. You do not have the time or resources to endure lengthy projects. IT staff must find ways to become more agile. Documentum includes fully adopted virtual machine and container technology to make deployments more portable and repeatable. Support for automated deployment orchestration technology, such as open-source Kubernetes and Ansible, makes provisioning Documentum predictable and consistent, reducing the chance for error with a packaged set of best practices.


Offers extensibility and interoperability

Documentum provides broad capabilities to easily incorporate disparate repositories, structured data stores, and social and collaborative tools, such as SharePoint, SAP and Oracle®, along with enterprise applications, on-premises or in the cloud. It also delivers a comprehensive foundation that builds on the traditional strengths of ECM, providing a framework for future success with Content Services. With capabilities for enhanced collaboration, search and information lifecycle management, the platform also supports today’s requirements for interoperability, trust, and security. Run Documentum anywhere using cloud-native technologies that vastly simplify deployments, upgrades, and the regular introduction of new features.

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