Beyond the Screens: What This Year’s F2F Team Building Taught Us So Far

A lot has changed since the coronavirus pandemic sent all of us back home. Before we know it, the habit of turning to our deskmates for help turned into email queries, the spontaneous catch-ups in the pantry evolved into random social calls, and the witty office banters found their ways into the online group chats….

A Look into ITI’s First F2F Team Building Outing Since the Pandemic

Two years into the pandemic, ITI members were once again brought together through this year’s face-to-face Team Building Outing. It was the first physical interaction between staff members since the crisis pushed the sector further into the digital realm in 2020….

Coffee x ITI: A Look Into One Of Our Most Essential Work Requirement

With an overwhelming 90% of employees who drink coffee, it’s safe to say that almost everyone at Infobuilder needs it for work. Yes, this also means that there are literally only a handful of us who don’t drink coffee. This requirement didn’t fade with the changing times brought about by ….

ITI x Pets: How our furbabbies are making the lockdowns bearable

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s been an unprecedented increase in animal adoptions and purchases, as people seek animal companionship to tackle feelings of isolation and anxiety. And across our departments here in Infobuilder, this has never been more true. From our human resources to business analysts, from sales to finance, read on about how …

The gift of family time, the bright side of pandemic

The gift of family time, the bright side of pandemic

A project director mom, a system administrator dad, and the most adorable 6 years old daughter trying to navigate parenting, work, education, family time, and their day-to-day lives in the middle of the pandemic. If that doesn’t sound so easy, it’s because it’s not. In fact, studies have….

The Image of Success: Finding Growth Opportunities Through Adversities

For the two and a half hours that had been the interview for this article, Maria Theresa Loveria described, retold, and in some occasions, even directly pointed out her love for Infobuilder and the work that she does in the company. However, she actually did not need to. You can hear it in her voice as she talks about….

Getting Creative with Hiring During Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic last year, employment rates around the globe have declined. On the other side of the coin, resignation rates have also plummeted. Workers are now afraid to leave their jobs in fear of being unemployed in these trying times. However, some industries like Information technology have continued….

Working from home in the province:
An Unprecedented Opportunity to Connect With Loved Ones

From the honks and beeps of EDSA to the crows of a rooster in the morning, from the substandard dishes that you cooked yourself to your mom’s home cooked meal, from the reliable internet connection to the “sorry you’re on mute”; these are just a few of the contrasts about working from home in a city like Manila as compared to working from home in a province….

Moving to a Resilient Future Through a Robust BCP

There are a number of ways in which your business can be disrupted. Fire, cyberattack, a natural disaster, and most recently, coronavirus (COVID-19). In varying degrees, their implications for business continuity only lead to one thing: business disruption, which often strikes unexpectedly, leaving little time for planning. This is why it is crucial to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ready to implement at a moment’s notice.

Onboarding and Recruitment in a Pandemic from 3 Perspectives

Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruptions to the nation’s workforce, only three industries are fortunate enough to not only retain all their current employees, but even increase their hiring efforts to meet evolving business demands. According to a survey conducted by a global recruitment agency, the said industries include technology, health care, and financial services.

How Infobuilder’s HR Put Normal in The New Normal

No matter what walk of life you come from, the pandemic has been hard on all of us. But to the people who not only need to worry about themselves but everyone else in the company, it is undeniably a burden. Not only are Human Resource managers concerned about employees’ health and well-being during the pandemic, but they are also solely responsible for processing the …..

Meet Infobuilder’s “Frontliner”

We’re all aware of the heroic task of our frontliners who are brave enough to risk their lives. As one of the companies fortunate enough to still continue operations during this time of uncertainty, Infobuilder salutes each and every one of them. With that said, we would not have maintained the quality of our work for the past months without our very own frontliners inside of…..

Boss outran everyone in the company...AGAIN!!!

It’s almost as normal as breathing for employees to run away from their bosses with deadlines, fear of being given more tasks that you can’t go home early, fear of critiques, etc. the list just goes on. What is not normal however is when employees are running towards their bosses. Now, that’s what you don’t see every day.

"15 years and growing" - Infobuilder Anniversary Celebration

Infobuilder Technologies, Inc. has received outpouring blessings that has helped us grow from an IT team of five to an IT team of sixty in a span of 15 years. We continue to be the better version of ourselves every day – not just for our growth, but also for the society.

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