Bitrix24 as a CRM Tool: How to Effectively Track Leads and Deals

Posted on January 12, 2022

Having efficient and reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is key to staying afloat in the new normal. Thankfully, with modern technologies such as Bitrix24, organizations can now track, understand, and support leads and deals and ultimately improve customer relationships without stepping out of digital channels.


Here’s how you can effectively utilize the platform to your advantage.

The Value of CRM in the time of Remote Work

In less than a year, the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined our concept of social interaction and intimacy. Such changes, of course, extended even to customer relationships. Brick and mortar stores were replaced by online retails shops in a heartbeat. Even dine-ins are now overshadowed by curbside pickups and contactless delivery. As the world moves further into the virtual space, it becomes clearer that companies need to rely on modern CRM technologies, like Bitrix24, to adapt to this new reality.


Specifically, with a good CRM platform like Bitrix, businesses can enjoy the following capabilities:

Keep track of complex, dynamic data within a single platform.

CRM eliminates the need to keep critical customer and potential lead data in fragmented channels, such as spreadsheets, notes, computers, or boards, and integrates them all into a single, unified platform. This allows organizations to easily track all interactions and analyze relationships with their leads and clients without the need to switch from one source to another.  Otherwise stated, organizations can see at a glance the progress and at what level their relationship is with each contact. 

Connect, build trust, and keep in touch with customers despite the physical distance.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and, true to its name, CRM tools work to maintain good relationships with customers by providing a single source of truth to all customer-related data – from application forms, calls, meetings, quotes, purchases, and related documents. This, in turn, enables organizations to extend personalized and consistent interactions with each lead and client. CRM technologies also allow integration with emails and other communication channels, enabling marketers to message, call, and communicate with actual and potential clients using a single platform.

Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks with marketing and sales automation

Advanced CRM tools like Bitrix24 come with automation features that eliminate the need for marketers to manually handle repetitive tasks, set reminders, activate alerts to keep them on top of their tasks and projects, and more. For example, Bitrix24 enables users to record phone calls with clients, automatically change the status of a lead, or send marketing emails to customers at a scheduled time.

How to use Bitrix24 for tracking leads and deals

If you are still on the fence in choosing what CRM tools to implement, then here’s why we believe Bitrix24 is the best choice for your business. Read on.


Kanban view is a workflow visualization tool that allows end-users to have a complete overview of their workflow at a glance. Here, work is represented on Kanban boards, and each project is divided into columns that represent a specific activity or stage. With Kanban, users can simply create columns to represent the different stages in sales operations and drag and drop different leads and deals to their appropriate stages. This allows organizations to keep track of their operations, see how many leads they have, analyze what stage each deals are, and have a bird’s eye view of the whole CRM process.


To date, while many work tools offer Kanban as part of their features, very few provide  full-featured CRM with Kanban view. Bitrix24 is one of those platforms that extend full-featured CRM for free!

Lead Management

Another important feature of Bitrix24 in relation to CRM is its ability to provide organizations with web-based forms for lead generations. Specifically, with Bitrix, sales and marketing officers can set up customizable CRM forms using the web form designer that comes with the platform. Here, users can simply add fields that they deem appropriate, such as contacts, quote, invoice, and more. 

Contact manager

Handling tons of contact details from actual and potential leads isn’t easy. But with Bitrix, the whole task becomes much easier with the platform’s free contact manager. Specifically, with Bitrix, organizations can organize their contacts and divide them according to leads and actual clients. End-users may also assign responsible persons that will handle different contacts for better, more efficient customer relations. Bitrix also comes with automatic duplicacy alerts, thereby assuring end-users that what they see in their screens are accurate and factual.

CRM Scheduling and event planning

Building customer trust and relationships requires constant engagements with actual and potential clients. This ordinarily comes in the forms of meetings, calls, emails, and even sending of SMS to the appropriate person. Fortunately, with Bitrix, organizations can stay on top of their schedules and secure timely communications with their leads and clients by taking advantage of the platform’s unified Calendar feature, as well as automatic alerts and notifications.

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