Year in Review: Highlights of our 2021

Posted on December 31, 2021

As 2021 draws to a close and all of us are hopefully having the time to rest and spend time with our families, we thought that it’s a great time to look back at what has been an eventful 12 months for ys. The year 2020 saw tremendous change—not only because of the pandemic, but because it has now been almost two years and we’re already adjusting to the new normal. From the start of what turned out to be a year filled with opportunities to grow and innovate, Infobuilder came up with new strategies, processes, products, and new features to help its employees, clients, and customers to define the next normal that we’re all now living through. Here we present some of the most remarkable achievements that ITI saw through this year.

Paperless back office transaction

In our initiative to transform our entire business processes to a completely digital workspace, we adjusted every transaction that we can. From accounting to human resources, from bills payment to recruitment, from meetings to monitoring productivity; if there’s anything that we can do online, we look for a way to do it. As of this writing, we are proud to say that ITI is now 80% digitized. Our human resource processes are about 99% on the digital platform with the release of bank cards to new employees as the only transaction that is not digitized. Although there are original copies of documents that we retain, all our HR documents are 100% scanned and available online. 


By all means, we don’t forget about the security of our data. As we take security very seriously, we use diagnostics and security tools to ensure the security of our electronic documents.


0% Retrenchment

We are very fortunate not just to continue our operations, but have a 0% retrenchment of our employees. In fact, we are thankful not just to our clients, but to our ITI family for contributing so much in our success this year.

100% Fully vaccinated employees

Although less than 1% of our workforce needed to be onsite this year, our management and human resources had been very active in promoting and taking initiatives to have all of our employees be fully vaccinated. As our company sees the importance of our employees and their health, we are glad that all of us have the highest form of defense against the virus.

41% increase in project based employees

This year, we are also fortunate enough to find the need to have more project based employees for our scanning services. We are more than thrilled to see an increase of a whopping 41% this year. For 2022, we are hoping to increase this more and even in the number of our regular employees as well.

100% work from home infrastructure

As our Compliance Manager, Miss Maria Isabel Reynon said, “We use digitization to our advantage, that’s why we were able to work from home.” And nothing could be more true. This year, our efforts in enabling our employees to work from home had never been more highlighted. Our workforce didn’t find the need to go to our physical office as our server infrastructure is accessible remotely and securely. We are able to authenticate, monitor and track all remote activities of our employees while doing program development, testing, and other collaborative activities on our servers.

Online approvals

Except for processes that need notarization, every transaction of the company is done online. Among others, they include: blueprints, technical design, acceptance documents, contracts, change requests, and even overtime approvals, funding requests, payments, proposals and other documents are all approved and digitally signed.

New products for online engagements

One of the things that we’re most thankful for is the opportunity to develop new products and even innovate our existing products that enables our clients to seamlessly communicate and collaborate online. Needless to say, we want to aid our clients in conducting their online engagements to better equip them for the new normal that most is still adjusting with.

Increased HR online employee engagements

Last 2020, our HR initiated online hangouts to make up for the lack of physical interaction among employees. It boosted employee participation and morale, so this year, our HR took it up a notch by increasing and improving our online hangouts. Trying out different approaches, our online hangouts this year have topics that are focused every week. Most of which became a workshop of our employees interests like coffee, taking care of our pets, beauty routines, etc. 


Most notably, we have multiple online hangouts where the main focus is mental health. Our management and human resources understand that since everyone is working from home, the barrier between work and home is completely non-existent. With this, it’s easier for our mental health to siffer. That’s why this year, mental health has been one of our priorities.

With all of our accomplishments over the past year, Infobuilder is more than grateful and proud. We couldn’t have done it without all of our employees, clients, our family, and everyone who supported us. By thinking big and looking after one another, we’ve managed to overcome so much. Through working together, innovative ideas, the continued dedication of our employees, and the trust of our clients, we’ve reached the end of 2021 stronger and more resilient than before, ready for 2022. As we enter this new year, we are more than excited for all the incredible opportunities to grow, develop, and improve for our products, our employees, and our company. 

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