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Coffee x ITI: A Look Into One Of Our Most Essential Work Requirement

Posted on November 9, 2021

Online Hangout - 08272021 - Latte Talks 1a
Online Hangout - 08272021 - Latte Talks 1b

With an overwhelming 90% of employees who drink coffee, it’s safe to say that almost everyone at Infobuilder needs it for work. Yes, this also means that there are literally only a handful of us who don’t drink coffee. This requirement didn’t fade with the changing times brought about by the coronavirus. Even if almost 92% of coffee shops closed at some point during the lockdowns, it certainly didn’t stop us from getting our coffee fix.


Last month, our company even had an online hangout specifically held for all things coffee. Proving that the drink is such a vital part of our work. Afterall, when you work for the best document management system, you need to stay sharp and awake. With this, we held a survey for everyone at the company. The results turn out to be so interesting as it gives us an accurate perspective as to how coffee is really important for us. In our survey, close to 40% usually like to drink their coffee upon waking up in the morning and more than 20% chose to drink their coffee whenever they’re working. Some of the other prominent answers are “one in morning and one in the afternoon” and “whenever I feel like drinking”. Some even answered, “all day”. We hope they still drink it moderately.

Online Hangout - 08272021 - Latte Talks 1c
Online Hangout - 08272021 - Latte Talks 1d

We also asked what their choice of coffee is. Almost 50% of us choose brewed, black, or both. Most of these even mentioned that they like to drink it without sugar and/or cream because they like the aroma and taste of strong black brewed coffee. One mentioned that coffee is at its raw quality this way. Meanwhile, there are 25% who like to drink the instant 3-in-1 coffee. However, most of them said that they only choose it because it’s affordable and really easy and convenient to make. Even in drinking coffee, ITI employees like to streamline their processes.


When it comes to what we usually pair up with coffee, almost 70% still choose the Filipino all time favorite pandesal. A variety of us mentioned “bread” or “pastries”. On the other hand, more than 20% said they don’t pair coffee with anything. Others said silog meals, their workload, and cigarettes.

There’s no denying our reliance on coffee in giving us the energy we need for the day, especially when we’re working. In our survey, we also asked why our employees like to drink coffee and their answers are everything we can relate to. Most of us said that coffee makes them happy. It gives them the boost they need and makes them feel less tired. Some even said that it’s addicting. One of us even said, “I feel like there’s something missing in the morning when I work if I don’t drink my coffee.” And isn’t that what most, if not all, of us exactly feel like? Another went technical when they said, “Because of its benefits (antioxidants, increase energy levels, etc.)” Someone really paid attention during our hangout. All these responses are just a testament that Coffee is and for the foreseeable future, will always be a necessity for ITI employees. One response really stood out when they packed how coffee is important for us in just 9 words. “If my coffee is strong, then so am I.”

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