Staff Corner

Infobuilder Technologies Inc. celebrated its fifteenth year with the kids of Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation Inc., last March 23, 2019. Mr. Enrico Ibana, the Managing Director of Infobuilder, opened the program with an inspiring message for the children about having to build an IT company and aligning its goals to taking care of Mother Nature. The looks of awe and excitement was seen on the children’s faces, indicative of how hopeful they are of the future. Mr. Ibana surely worked his magic with little children, inspiring them and making them look forward to a beautiful future, with the help of technology.

Everyone enjoyed the interactive activities prepared by the team. It was done so as a game but the kids involved would also be learning along the way. One of the activities gave way for the team to teach the kids how to set up a basic computer with computer cutouts. And the most loved of all was the virtual reality activity. Kids, even the adults, were mesmerized on how animals from their coloring book came alive with just one tap. All of the kids wanted to have their turn on the Virtual Reality (VR) device and can’t wait to discover more from said device and technology.

The main goal of this event was to give back the blessings received, but what was attained was more than just giving back – appreciation and selflessness was also realized. “[The event] opened my eyes from the reality of life” one employee said; “Caring for children is a must because they are the future generation.” another explained.

The event ended with everyone’s hearts full of happiness, appreciation, and hope. It definitely would not be the first and last time for the Infobuilder Team.

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