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ITI x Pets: How our furbabbies are making the lockdowns bearable

Posted on October 8, 2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s been an unprecedented increase in animal adoptions and purchases, as people seek animal companionship to tackle feelings of isolation and anxiety. And across our departments here in Infobuilder, this has never been more true. From our human resources to business analysts, from sales to finance, read on about how our furbabbies whether dogs or cats are making the lockdowns bearable and delightful for us.


Pets: Heart, Rome, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Scooby-Doo
Hooman: Monna, Sales and Marketing Specialist

As Monna have said so herself, you’ll have a hard time identifying her pups ‘cause they all look-a-like so much. For reference, the little ones are Dior, Chanel, and Hermes; 2 months newborn of their mom Heart and their dad Rome. Not in the picture is her other dog, Scooby-Doo who mostly stays outside except when it’s raining. This family of fluff not only relieves Monna’s stress, but sometimes stresses her out too. But all in good fun of course. True to their high end names, Monna narrates that every time she turns off the aircon, they will all bark at her, as if they’re telling her: “Ate bakit mo pinatay, nakita mong natutulog kami eh.”

1631157404020 - Abs Villanueva-Berida
1631157404013 - Abs Villanueva-Berida

Pet: Fluffy
Hooman: Abigail, HR Supervisor

From a family who have been dog lovers for years, it seems like fate for Abigail or as we call her, “Miss Abs” to fall in love with cats before she got married to her husband who’s the cat lover. As a wedding gift, she gave Fluffy to him and today, the three of them are now working buddies. Miss Abs says that Fluffy helps them cope from day to day stress from work just by interacting with her. She also gives them a sense of responsibility and always puts a smile on their face.

IMG20210821090546 - Judyann Balita
IMG20210831133133 - Judyann Balita

Pet: Pickii and Pucca
Hooman: Judy-Ann, Business Analyst

On the left is Judy-Ann’s very clingy pup Pucca and on the right is Pickii who she nicknames “belat queen”. As she states, these two cuties are her stress reliever. They cling to her throughout the day and make her boring life meaningful. Just by looking at those adorable eyes, we can’t question her at all!

IMG_20190328_082951_484 - Patrick Villanueva
IMG_20180725_215132_120 - Patrick Villanueva

Pet: King
Hooman: Patrick, Programmer II

One look and you’ll agree that King is aptly named. This glorious pup has been in Patrick’s family for the past 9 years. And although King looks a little scary, he has some cute sides too. Patrick narrates that there was a time when King couldn’t stop barking and barking. Apparently, there was a stuffed toy that fell in front of their house and this cutie of a dog was barking because he got scared.

Manila - Frances De Guzman
Dogs - Frances De Guzman

Pet: Tokyo, Venice, Paris, Rio
Hooman: Ces, Business Analyst

Inspired by different cities (some of them from “Money Heist”), Tokyo, Venice, Paris, and Rio are the ones helping Ces cope with the pandemic. She says that these little cuties are what keeps her going these days. With those adorable puppy eyes and charming personalities, it’s no wonder that they have already stayed with Ces for the past 2 years.


Pet: Orange and Ponkan
Hooman: Nhes, Content Writer

Contrary to what people usually think first, Orange and Ponkan are not actually twins. In fact Ponkan is Orange’s son; one of her two. Even long-term hooman friends of these two sunkists still have a hard time telling which is which. A very few times, even their hooman. But there’s a lot of identifying qualities: Ponkan is more voracious and affectionate; Orange is the one who lays down on you in the morning. But it’s true that both of them are just as cute and as precious.

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