Staff Corner

It’s almost as normal as breathing for employees to run away from their bosses with deadlines, fear of being given more tasks that you can’t go home early, fear of critiques, etc. the list just goes on. What is not normal however is when employees are running towards their bosses. Now, that’s what you don’t see every day. However, that’s exactly what happened last August 11, 2019, Sunday at “The Great UP Run” held at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

A total of 22 Infobuilder employees, along with 6 of their family members and friends tried to beat our boss Sir Rico Ibana in finishing the race. 14 employees including Ma’am Charity Santiago, Sir Paolo Santiago, Miss Valerin Gale Robles went for the 5K distanced-race while the remaining 8 employees went for the 10K distanced-race along with Sir Rico. However, as history repeats itself, no one outran the boss.

Some employees have used cramps and other injuries as an excuse for being behind. As their friends, we believe them, sure. Kidding aside, it is worthy to note each employee’s efforts in trying to outrun Sir Rico. They failed but for weeks before the run, every employee had been training really hard in their own way to prepare for the run. Some of them would even run after office hours as the date nears.

But more than the friendly competition—to which our boss is unaware of if we’re being honest—the run provided an avenue for members of the company to bond and create memories together. Being fit and active had actually been a common interest between employees so when events such as this run come along, everyone gets really pumped up and excited. For the past four years, members of the company had been participating in different runs. It had been a company tradition to participate in a run at least once a year to promote wellness, camaraderie, friendly competition, and social contribution. Since the majority of our employees are UP alumni, this is one of our ways to give back to the community.

After the exhausting but fulfilling run, everyone joined together for free dinner, care of Sir Rico. The atmosphere was filled with laughs, jokes, and smiles that we can be sure this tradition will continue on for more years to come.


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