Migrating to Bitrix24: How ITI Employees Fit into the Evolving Work Set Up

Posted on November 10, 2022

At Infobuilder, we are dedicated to making virtual feel more personal! That’s why we keep on exploring and adopting different technologies that will enable us to interact better, collaborate faster, and work smarter. Now, nearly three years into the pandemic, our team is ready to step up our hybrid work culture by migrating to yet another popular collaboration software platform — Bitrix24.


Here’s how our first few months with the platform went, and what we’re expecting ahead!

Stepping into the Virtual Space of Bitrix

“The migration to Bitrix24 was a bit challenging since the platform is new to us,” began Mr. Jurlie Taño-an, one of our System Administrators. Mr. Jurlie was the one assigned to the internal project of leading the team toward the Bitrix24 platform. 


While the team was able to easily adapt to the hybrid setup, the reality of remote work still made it impossible for the employees to quickly turn to their deskmates for clarifications, compare their screens when trouble arises, and simply walk over to the system administrators when needed.


As pointed out by Mr. Roy Cubangbang, our Lead Programmer, the challenge of migrating to Bitrix stems from the fact that there are no standards available yet to establish the specifications, guidelines, and processes of the platform.


The same sentiments were echoed by Ms. Christine Joy Maulion, our HR. “There is no manual provided by Bitrix, so we are primarily responsible for exploring the application ourselves,” she observed.


“But it’s not like the challenges are overwhelming,” Ms. Cristine quickly added. “Whenever I find something that needs to be clarified, I simply search it up on the web, go to Bitrix’s ‘Help’ button, or consult Mr. Jurlie directly,” she explained.

One Platform, Countless Capabilities

While Bitrix24 is relatively new to us, the process of learning its features and intricacies proved to be rewarding. 


Before the transition, ITI employees were juggling multiple collaboration apps, including Telegram, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Since available features and methods of management differ across these platforms, the whole practice of switching from one app to another placed more demands on each of us in bridging silos and securing seamless collaboration.


Fortunately, our migration to Bitrix solved these challenges. The platform essentially serves as our all-in-one virtual workplace that brings all of us together for a seamless workflow. It’s a collaboration platform, a monitoring tool, a meeting place – it’s essentially a virtual office.


Among the best features of the app that we learned to love include:

  • Project Management

“The task management system of Bitrix was incredibly intuitive and easy to learn,” shared Mr. Raymond Debuque, one of our Business Analysts. “What I like most about it is how it helps me keep track of the different tasks that need to be done. I always have Bitrix open during meetings so that when assignments are being handed out, I can easily make cards to remind me,” he added.


The platform comes with unique features that allow end-users to set and name tasks, attach files and photos in task descriptions, designate the responsible person for specific works,  configure task time tracking, add reminders, and more.

  • Collaboration

Collaboration proves to be the main edge of Bitrix as a workspace platform. The software comes with chat features, voice and video call functionality, employee polling tool, customizable shared calendars option, file sharing, and more. Employees can be collected into a workgroup, configure which tools will be available to the participants, add tags to unite separate workgroups, and more.


“The integration of calendar events, meetings, projects, and tasks in a single platform helped us all work in sync despite our physical distance from each other,” said Mr. Jurlie. 

  • Human Relations

Bitrix24 is also loaded with features that our HR department learned to love. Among these tools include the clock-in/clock-out feature that allows our HR to monitor the employees’ workday duration, the integrated chat and call features that allow easy communication, and more.


“Thanks to its time tracking feature, we can easily monitor employees and keep them in check,” shared Ms. Cristine. “The ‘Announcement’ feature also enabled speedier, more organized information dissemination across the whole company,” she added.

A Touch of Human Connection

Another special characteristic of Bitrix24 is its ability to deliver a ‘personal touch’ to work-related environments. 


“In a way, it feels like social media,” observed Ms. Bel Reynon, our Compliance Manager. “It’s a platform for work, but it has that touch of ‘personalness,’” she continued.


Like popular social media apps, such as Facebook, Bitrix allows its participants to publish posts and images, comment, and even react to other participants’ posts. There’s also the chat feature to communicate with others wherever, whenever.


“It does its job without being too rigid. It’s professional, but also very social,” commented Ms. Bel. “And considering that we’re all working remotely, this degree of intimacy, this touch of human connection, makes our time on the platform light and easy,” she added.

The Bottom Line:

Bitrix as a Step Closer to What Lies Ahead

With the pandemic disrupting the traditional work setup, collaborative tools such as Bitrix found their way into the heart of the workspace. “Times have changed. We’re currently reviewing our standards and policies to adjust accordingly to the new normal,” said Ms. Bel Reynon, ITI’s Compliance Manager. “And as an IT company, Infobuilder is at the forefront of adopting tools such as Bitrix to put a semblance of organization in the virtual workplace; to establish a structure and give shape to the seemingly formless remote work setup,” she added.

Of course, this does not mean that the transition would come off smooth and easy. “There will be paradigm shifts. After all, we’re still transitioning. The work revolution is ongoing; it’s a work in progress,” continued Ms. Bel. “But as we get familiar with the platform, the more we move closer to the future of a virtual workplace,” she ended.

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