Guide to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System: Why Documentum is Your Best Choice

Posted on August 9, 2022

The meaning and scope of the word “content” have taken quite an evolution. There was a time when the term simply relates to printed materials. Now, content has exploded into a variety of forms, including emails, social media posts, and scanned images. As content types become more diverse, managing critical information becomes more complicated. A good Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, such as Documentum, can help your business effectively manage different content forms, resulting in quicker processes, enhanced productivity, and higher profitability.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

Content has now taken on many forms. A few years ago, everything was written on paper. But now, information has moved beyond the tangible sheets and into a variety of other content forms, such as spreadsheets, presentations, emails, social media posts, eBooks, videos, audio files, and more. Consequently, information necessary to one’s business has become fragmented, as though existing in separate parts. The goal of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is to simplify the whole process of managing these voluminous and diverse forms of content by providing a centralized platform to handle them all, thereby enabling speedy access to critical information, easy collaboration and revision of content, and more.

Simply put, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the application of different practices and technologies into a synchronized system with the goal of optimizing information management throughout the entire content cycle – starting from capture, archival, down to disposal.

Signs Your Business Needs an ECM Solution

  • Issues with Regulatory Compliance 

How we handle our content isn’t solely a management prerogative; applicable laws and policies must also be considered, such as the appropriate retention periods, data security protocols, and more. A good ECM software can help guarantee compliance with these rules through automatic enforcement of appropriate policies on selected files and/or folders. 


  • Poor Document Security

Can’t keep track of who has access to your information content? Without the right degree of security, your content is at risk of possible leakage and breach. Industry-leading ECM solutions provide tightened permissions and strong-level scanning tests to detect and eliminate malicious activities right away.


  • Problems with Accessibility

Content is everything. Even the slightest delay in access to critical information can cause unprecedented damage to your business. ECM platforms work to speed up search and retrieval capabilities to allow timely and informed decisions when needed.

  • Work from Home Set Up

The shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought the importance of data accessibility and collaboration into the spotlight. ECM platforms are specifically designed to help employees transcend boundaries, access needed information wherever, whenever, and collaborate with ease despite their distance from one another. 

What is OpenText Documentum?

Different ECM systems have since flooded the marketplace to allow businesses and organizations to handle their voluminous and diverse content types in a speedier and more organized manner. Documentum is one of these ECM systems, and, arguably, among the best platforms currently available.

The product leverages a broad range of technologies to allow end users to manage content in various formats, access information quickly, ease integration challenges, take advantage of document security, enjoy comprehensive collaboration, and more. 

It was acquired in 2017 by Information Management (IM) giant, Opentext, which introduces significant upgrades to the product every six months, ensuring that Documentum aptly responds to the changing needs of the time.

In a 2021 report, research firm Omdia named Documentum as a leader in the content services sector, taking into consideration the product’s impressive strength in document management, collaboration, analytics, and workflow.

What makes Documentum your Best Choice?

Documentum is equipped with an extensive range of capabilities that make it a top choice for many businesses and organizations. Specifically, its end users can enjoy and take advantage of the following:


  • A trusted name in the industry

Documentum has been around for more than 30 years, with its inception dating back to as early as 1990. Despite its old age, it continues to secure a spot in the list of top ECM systems, thanks to its continuous software improvements. The company behind the platform, OpenText, has been named a leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Content Services Platforms seventeen (17) times in a row now. Such a feat signifies unwavering support to Opentext by the public as a trusted content services platform and a testament to Documentum’s position as a good ECM investment.


  • Speedy search and retrieval

Documentum allows easy and accurate retrieval of information by providing users with a unified repository. Said repository consolidates all information content from different locations, be it contained in an office or in the cloud, and comes with intelligent tagging and automated categorization, making it easy to find relevant and needed information easily.


  • Personalized user experiences

Different departments and job positions often deal with different sources of information. In big enterprises, this often leads to confusion and errors as different employees have to go through voluminous content before they arrive at the needed information that matches their task at hand. Documentum helps eliminate such hassle by delivering role-based and task-based content to optimize productivity.


  • Secure and scalable

Security threats are common when handling information. Documentum seeks to reduce such risks through customizable permissions that allow users to limit content access to selected individuals or groups, strong levels of encryption, and cloud-ready architecture that allows easy management of all content.


  • Content Governance

Documentum takes pride in its rich integrated support for diverse content types. It can manage office documents, CAD files, audio, video, blog posts, images, design templates, and more, allowing users to systematically manage all content information despite varying formats. Such support also extends to cover the entire content lifecycle. This means organizations can automate the enforcement of content retention and disposition policies to comply with regulatory requirements.


  • Extensible and interoperable

Documentum strives to minimize your management limitations as far as possible. It employs different technologies to easily introduce diverse repositories and collaborative applications for its user’s advantage, such as Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS), SOAP, and restful APIs.


  • Cloud Ready

Documentum uses cloud-ready technologies. This allows users to run the system anywhere and to easily carry deployments and upgrades for overall improved platform capabilities when needed.

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