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How to Improve and Track Team Productivity using Bitrix24

Posted on November 25, 2022

Want to get insights of how your team’s been doing while working from home? At Infobuilder, we work to introduce technological changes into organizations, including tools that will give them visibility into how their teams are performing behind closed doors. If you’re on the lookout for a good technology that will help you keep tabs of your team’s performance and productivity at home, here’s why we believe Bitrix24 is the best tool to start.

Learn about its features and how your company can absorb this new technology efficiently by reading our brief guide below.

Productivity Problems Plaguing Remote Workers

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. It is the age of working with your pajamas within the comfort of your room. It is the age of having to shush your dog whenever you’re on Zoom. As the world transitions to a virtual work setting, employees find themselves in the midst of adjusting to a brand new reality. While the transition brings tons of possibilities, such as the ability to work while on a family trip or ditch the daily Metro traffic, it also delivers a few challenges that impede workers’ concentrations and performance.

Among these common productivity problems plaguing workers at home include:

Blurred work-life balance

Before the pandemic kicked in, the routine of going to the office and returning to our houses after our shifts created a clear delineation between work and personal life. But now that everything’s been stacked under a single roof, it’s easy to lose track of the boundaries. From the magnetizing force of your bed, the urgency to finish the dirty dishes, to the tempting joy of long afternoon tea times with family and friends, there are tons of things that could seemingly blur the line that separates your professional from personal affairs.


Technical difficulties

From connectivity problems, lack of proper tools, difficulty learning the dedicated virtual work platform, to power interruptions, many technical difficulties could arise while at home. 

Members of the workforce are of a diverse breed. While some are good with adapting to technologies, some are finding it hard to blend in. Likewise, each home environment is unique and distinct. While some rooms are convenient for work, others might be too crampy, noisy, or just plain messy to foster productivity.  


Lack of motivation

Human touch, face-to-face interactions, and in-person gatherings build and deepen relationships, which in turn establishes feelings of belongingness and fosters motivation among employees. But with remote work now the norm, workers are at risk of social isolation and declined motivation. This, in turn, could negatively affect their performance and productivity at home.

Combating Productivity Problems with Bitrix24

A virtual office to effectively establish boundaries

Without a dedicated virtual work platform to pull your employees together, it’s difficult to establish that ‘professional, in-office’ feel that will help keep them in check of their professional commitments. Through Bitirx24, you can now deliver the office straight into your team members’ devices. The platform operates as a portal that will bring your team into a virtual office where they can monitor their tasks, communicate with one another, track their deadlines, and stay on top of how everyone’s been doing. 


Eliminates common technical difficulties with ease of use

Bitrix24 takes pride in its easy to use interface that is user-friendly. “If you know how to operate a social media app, you’ll easily learn how to use Bitrix,” observed Ms. Bel. Indeed, the platform performs like popular social media sites where end-users can chat, call, publish posts, comment and react on other people’s posts, and even customize their profiles – all these while being able to upload their outputs and track everyone’s work processes. Since it also acts as an all-in-one tool for collaboration, productivity tracking, and social interactions, it helps eliminate the need to learn, familiarize, and maintain multiple collaboration apps.


Elicits a Sense of Urgency through automated deadline alerts and time-tracking feature

It’s easy to lose motivation when there’s no one to remind you of your commitments. Without a tracker, anyone can easily slip away from their tasks and deadlines. Fortunately, with Bitrix, end-users can automatically receive reminders, alerts, and other notifications about their work progress. This, in turn, will give them the sense of urgency to finish their tasks just in time before their deadlines.

Combating Productivity Problems with Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a powerful software designed to help companies adapt to the new reality of virtual work. “Primarily, it’s a collaborative tool. But it’s more than that,” said Ms. Bel Reynon, Infobuilder’s Project Manager. “It’s also a project tracking tool, a CRM tool, an HR tool, a productivity tool – it’s a combination of almost every work tool you’ll need in a virtual workplace,” she added.

To date, Infobuilder has migrated to the Bitrix24 environment. Before our transition, tracking of tasks and performance are mainly done through Excel. “The team leaders have to meet twice every week: first, to map out their plans and targets, and second, to report their accomplishments,” shared Ms. Bel.  But with all the activities now done on Bitrix, the manner of tracking work processes and progress becomes easier. “Among the tools and features that help us stay in the loop are the following:


Tasks and Projects

Bitrix24 comes with a “Tasks and Projects” section where all work processes are kept and collected. Here, end-users can create a Task, assign such task to a specified person, and keep track of how said work is being handled. The tasks and projects may be arranged in a list form for easy viewing or according to their deadlines. 



When creating tasks and projects, Bitrix users may activate the time-tracking feature of the platform. When they do, they can keep track of how much time they spend finishing specific tasks by clicking on the “Start” button at the beginning and clicking “Finish” once they’re done with the project.


Clock in/clock out

Bitrix24 also comes with a clock-in and clock-out feature, enabling an easy tracking of an employee’s attendance, shift hours, and even punctuality. “This eliminates the need for manual checking of what time the employees actually started their work and what time they finished their shifts,” said Ms Abs Villanueva-Berida, Infobuilder’s HR Supervisor. “Prior to our transition to Bitrix, employees merely notify us about their clock ins and clock outs through chats. While such a type of arrangement works, it lacks accuracy and optimal visibility that allow us to identify the actual time an employee started his work and at what time he ended the same,” she added.  

What Now?

As a new work setup sets in, it’s imperative for organizations to step up their policies and standards that will help their team blend efficiently into the virtual work environment. Infobuilder can help you adjust to this new setup by introducing you to modern work tools such as Bitrix24. Our team of IT experts will help you navigate and efficiently implement that platform according to your goals and needs.


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